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🎟️ Cash Out Tickets 🎟️

Win $500 Cash Out Tickets during the launch party and use them to withdraw $500 cash from your account balance when Spin Trivia upgrades into the full real money version! 🤯

Cash Out Tickets range in value from 1¢ to $500.


They can be collected by unwrapping Prize Boxes, like this. 👇


Once you’ve collected $500 or more Cash Out Tickets, you’ll be able to withdraw $500 in cash from your launch party account balance when Spin Trivia converts into a full real money game! 🤯

Straight into your pocket. Just like that.

​But, how do you find Prize Boxes containing Cash Out Tickets? 🤔​



  1. Play Spin Trivia.

  2. Prize Boxes will appear from time to time.

  3. Open the Prize Boxes! 👇


How to keep track of your Cash Out Tickets balance?

Look out for emails and notifications stating your Cash Out Tickets balance, so you know how close you are to hitting $500!

What if you don’t reach $500 in Cash Out Tickets?

You can convert sub-$500 Cash Out Tickets into withdrawable real money through continued play in the full real money version of Spin Trivia.

When can withdrawals be made and how does it work?

After the launch party, when Spin Trivia converts into a full real money game. You'll be able to withdraw $500 cash in equal monthly amounts over the course of one year, simply by tapping a button inside the app.


When will the launch party end?

Once there are enough folks in the game playing daily. Why? The full real money version is multiplayer, so there needs to be a minimum level of folks regularly playing at any one time.

So feel free to invite friends! The quicker we get there the better. 😄

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*All contests and tournaments are subject to Well Plaid Limited’s T&Cs

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