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Spin Trivia (the "Contest") is sponsored by Well Plaid Limited (the "Sponsor" or “Well Plaid”). The Contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Apple Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliates.



Subject to these Official Game Rules, the Contest is open to individual United States citizens who are at least 18 years old as of the date of entry. To be eligible to receive a Prize (as defined below), the information associated with the entrant’s account must be true and accurate. The information associated with the entrant’s account must identify the actual entrant in order to facilitate the delivery of a Prize (as defined below), and Well Plaid may attempt to contact the winner using email, phone or postal communication. Contests are only open to residents of specific US states (California). Any persons outside of these states at the time of playing are not eligible to enter or win a prize. Well Plaid reserves the right to verify an entrant’s eligibility before, during, or after the Contest.



Sponsor will advertise Contests (hereafter ‘Advertised Contest’) in its App from time to time. Contests will include trivia matches and each Advertised Contest will specify the game rules, entry fee, number of players, and prize available to be won for each trivia contest. Sponsor reserves the right to cancel Contests, in our sole discretion, with no restrictions, and is under no obligation to repeat or make available Advertised Contests with any combination of specifications. 



A purchase is necessary to participate in a Contest. Enter a Contest by completing each of the following steps:


  1. Download or open the Well Plaid Application (‘Spin Trivia’) downloaded through the Apple Store on your mobile device.

  2. If you have credit available in your account you may request to participate in an Advertised Contest by tapping ‘SPIN’, ‘PLAY’ or a similar button located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (hereafter ‘Join Request’). Well Plaid will then automatically search for other players for you to play with (hereafter ‘Search Period’). If you do not have enough credit, you will need to deposit funds in order to participate in a contest.

  3. When you have made a Join Request the Search Period will execute for a finite amount of time. If at the end of this period of time the required number of players have been matched, the Contest will start and you will be charged the entry fee amount specified. If at the end of this period of time the required number of players has not been met, the Contest will be cancelled and you will not be charged an entry fee.

  4. If after you have submitted a Join Request a Contest is cancelled due to a time out of the Search Period a new Contest will be advertised to you that may have different specifications; notably a different prize. 



The Contest consists of three multiple choice trivia questions. You will have a fixed number of seconds to answer each trivia question correctly. The total Contest Prize is divided up amongst each trivia question, including a game bonus for the outright Contest winner.

By answering a question correctly you will win a portion of that question prize. The faster you answer relative to other players the larger the share of the question prize you will win. 

The outright Contest winner is the player who collectively wins the most across all questions. 

If no player answers a question correctly, the question prize will be added to the next question. If no player answers the last question correctly, there will be a tiebreaker question. 


When a Join Request is submitted a collection of reels will spin simultaneously. This is not part of the Contest and is used for theatrical reasons to communicate the specifications of the next Advertised Contest. No money is spent or won as a result of the reels spinning and stopping. 



The winners of each Contest, upon completion of all verifications and obligation requirements described in these Official Rules and the Terms & Conditions, will be awarded a cash prize (the "Prize") to their Well Plaid account. You may view the total of all accrued Prizes you have won through your Well Plaid account. To receive payment of your accrued Prizes you may cash out in accordance with Section 8.5 of our Terms and Conditions. Decisions of the Sponsor are final and binding with respect to all matters related to the Contest. In no event shall the Sponsor be obligated to award any Prizes other than the Prize specified in these Official Rules. Prizes are not assignable and not transferable and no substitutions are permitted. 

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